Top Republican Club in District 28 Endorses Alex Newman for State Rep - Alex Newman
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Top Republican Club in District 28 Endorses Alex Newman for State Rep

Top Republican Club in District 28 Endorses Alex Newman for State Rep

ORMOND BEACH — The largest Republican club in Florida House District 28 endorsed Alex Newman’s campaign for State Representative over the weekend, giving added momentum to the grassroots-powered campaign up against a well-funded incumbent.

The group, known as the Republican Conservatives Ormond Beach Assembly (RCOBA), is made up of around 250 conservative grassroots GOP activists. The club played a major role in sending Ron DeSantis to Congress a decade ago, kicking off the political career of a national hero known today as “America’s Governor.”

“For the last ten years, Alex has worked tirelessly navigating through the mish mash of our educational and political systems in an effort to ensure that our children get a real education with math and language excellence, leaving other issues to parents,” said Chuck Collins, the longtime president of RCBOA and a conservative heavyweight in county politics.

“Furthermore, Alex served us all well as our CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATIVE WARRIOR whose courage in exposing the corrupt systems speaks volumes of his high moral values and personal character,” added Collins. “We are very pleased to endorse Alex to represent us in Tallahassee.”

The group took a vote among its members after its monthly meeting on June 4. The club’s decision was formally announced later that day by Collins at a “meet and greet” held by the Alex Newman campaign. The well-attended event featured other grassroots GOP leaders in the county, dozens of leading activists, other conservative candidates, and immensely popular Volusia County Chair Jeff Brower.

“It’s a tremendous honor to be endorsed by this incredible group of dedicated patriots in RCOBA, Americans who are tireless and fearless in their efforts to protect our liberty and our constitutional Republic,” said Newman. “I look forward to working closely with them in the months ahead to win this race, and after that, to keep moving our state toward becoming a bastion of freedom for future generations.”

By securing the endorsement from RCOBA, Newman also secured the endorsement of the Florida Republican Assembly, a powerhouse grassroots network affiliated with the National Federation of Republican Assemblies.

“The best symbol of the grassroots worker I can think of is the Republican Assembly,” said President Ronald Reagan, who called the group the “conscience” of the GOP. “[NFRA’s] thousands of dedicated men and women are the ones who turn all those modernistic campaign devices into real votes.”

Formerly known as the Republican Club of Ormond Beach Area, RCOBA and almost all other Republican clubs in Volusia County split from the party machinery over concerns they had with the direction of the county party. RCOBA is the most significant and sizeable group of conservative activists in the 28th District.

The other major Republican group in the district is in Daytona Beach and, after breaking from the county party, affiliated with the Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida. The RLCF has also endorsed Newman’s campaign.

The Republican primary in Florida will be held August 23.

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