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Alex Newman
for Florida State Representative
Meet Alex

Discover Alex’s proven track record of fighting for Liberty and Freedom.

The Issues

Protecting Florida from Federal Overreach, Corporate Welfare, and standing firm for the 2nd Amendment and the Right to Life. Learn More.

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America Is In Crisis, And Florida Can No Longer Afford To Send Business-As-Usual Politicians To Tallahassee. We Must KEEP FLORIDA FREE!

Whether it be illegal vaccine mandates and efforts to hijack education or attacks on constitutionally protected gun rights and the right to life, the Biden administration is waging all-out war on the rights of Floridians. Governor DeSantis has valiantly resisted many of these assaults despite opposition even from many in our own party who swore the same oath to the Constitution. But today more than ever before in American history, courageous legislators who will boldly and constitutionally stand up for the Constitution and interpose on behalf of Floridians are needed in Tallahassee. Alex Newman will be that voice.


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