Ron Paul Endorses Alex Newman for Florida House - Alex Newman
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Ron Paul Endorses Alex Newman for Florida House

Ron Paul Endorses Alex Newman for Florida House

Former U.S. Congressman Ron Paul, a medical doctor and longtime leader of the contemporary liberty movement, endorsed Alex Newman’s campaign for Florida state representative today.

“Alex Newman has a long and demonstrated commitment to the principles of liberty, the Constitution, and a free society,” said Ron Paul, whose coveted endorsements have helped get countless candidates elected across the nation. “He is dedicated to keeping Florida free and will be a powerful force for freedom in the legislature. I’m proud to offer him my endorsement.”

Serving more than ten terms as a U.S. congressman, Dr. Paul made history with his unparalleled grassroots network and online fundraising abilities in 2008 and 2012 as a leading presidential candidate.

“I’m beyond honored to secure this endorsement from one of America’s greatest statesmen,” said Alex Newman, a journalist and educator who is running in Florida’s House District 28. “Very few people alive today have done as much for liberty and our Constitution as the great Dr. Paul.”

Newman is running on a platform of keeping Florida free, defending the God-given rights of all Floridians from federal overreach, and making Florida a fortress of freedom in these increasingly uncertain times.


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