Popular Volusia County Chair Jeff Brower Endorses Alex Newman for State Rep - Alex Newman
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Popular Volusia County Chair Jeff Brower Endorses Alex Newman for State Rep

Popular Volusia County Chair Jeff Brower Endorses Alex Newman for State Rep

DAYTONA BEACH–Enormously popular Volusia County Chair Jeff Brower–a rancher and a true statesman–endorsed Alex Newman’s campaign for state representative in district 28, calling Newman “the best candidate I have ever seen run for office.”

Here is Brower’s statement offering his full support to Newman’s campaign:

In my lifetime there have been few candidates that I have felt completely comfortable in supporting. Alex Newman, candidate for the Florida House District 28, is the best candidate I have ever seen run for office. That’s a strong statement and it’s absolutely true.

Our Country and State have suffered almost irreparable damage at the hands of politicians whose actions prove they have no fidelity to the Constitutions they swore to uphold. As a result, the principles that guided our American patriot forefathers to form a government that is the envy of the world have been compromised to disastrous consequences.

Alex Newman is that rare man God appoints to stand in the gap when we need him the most. I know Alex and his family. He will stand like a rock on the morals, principles, and values we so desperately need in Tallahassee.

Alex is an honorable man we can count on to tell the truth today, and after he gets to Tallahassee. He will represent his constituents exactly the way he tells us he will. His service and preparation has demonstrated rock solid integrity with the ability to debate and persuade that we so desperately need in government.

I am honored to support Alex Newman. He serves as a happy warrior capable of stating the facts without the drama or need to destroy anyone. His faith in God has made him a man who thinks more highly of others than himself. Alex is a true public servant we can count on to demonstrate fidelity to the principles of the republican form of government our founders gave us.

I encourage you to support Alex Newman and seize this opportunity to elect a rare man you can trust and be proud to have represent you.

Brower, who won the race to lead Volusia County (pop. 550,000+) by a large margin against a powerful and well-funded opponent backed by the establishment, has connected with voters across the county and across the political spectrum in a unique way. He is known for his honesty, common sense, and passionate desire to serve his community.

“To say I am honored and humbled to receive this powerful endorsement would be a massive understatement,” said Newman, a journalist and educator seeking elected office for the first time. “Jeff was one of the key people who inspired me to run. He has been an enormous blessing to our county and our communities. It is a tremendous honor to receive his support.”

Newman is running in the Republican primary against a well-funded opponent who has served three terms in the Florida legislature. Alex’s main priorities are to uphold the Florida and U.S. Constitutions, protect the rights of all Floridians, represent the people of northern Volusia County, and resist the escalating federal overreach that has undermined the nation’s wellbeing.

The primary is August 23.


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